“Your Breath is the Life Force within All Universes!.”
~ Neuriel ~

Discover Your Breath
BreathWork Allows the Life Force to Flow!

BreathWork can be described as the act of using our life force to find the location of certain blockages and healing them; allowing the flow to permeate our physical vehicle and transcend it by integrating it into the whole.

Benefits of BreathWork


BreathWork can:

  • Reduce Stress

  • Reduce blood pressure

  • Assist the body in locating blockages

  • Balance the flow of life force energy

In this Workshop, you will Learn:


  • What are Chakras, their colours, energetic meanings & functions

  • Different types of Breath

  • Using the "Breath of Life" Breath to decalcify the Pineal / Third Eye

  • Grounding and Protecting with White Light

  • Identifying Blockages

  • Releasing Blockages, Attachments & Integrating 

Online Skype Class:  1.5 Hours ~ $40.00 Investment

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