"Approach Life through the Eyes of
a Child - Have Fun 

& Play!!!"

~ A.A. Michael ~

Discover Your Inner Child

Do you remember finger paints, watercolors or acrylics?  Have you forgotten what it’s like to be creative?  Find your way back to having fun using the ever present power of your inner child!


COME OUT & PLAY to see what you will create!  Come and join the new movement of creativity! 


In this Workshop you will:


  • Ground yourself

  • Merge with Your Inner Child

  • Work with your chakras colours

  • Access your creative flow

  • Have fun creating with paint!


Take home a unique piece of artwork that was inspired with the mind, body & soul of your Inner Child!


Online Skype Class:  1.5 Hours ~ $40.00 Investment

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Benefits of Your Inner Child
Your Inner Child can help you:
  • Heal
  • Release old memories
  • Discover hidden parts of yourself
  • Create Self Confidence


D.Y.I.C - CM.jpg

Art by Christine Mendonça

"What an experience!  I felt so many different emotions; good and not so good.  Accepting them and then releasing them felt so empowering!  My imagination was on fire; just like I was six years old again.  It was a magical experience.  Thank you Gisèle for helping me discover my inner child again.  I feel very grateful!"

Christine Mendonça - Mississauga, Ontario