"All Answers are Within You - Listen to Your Heart, it will Always tell you the TRUTH!"
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Discover Your Inner Guidance

Learn to access your Inner Guidance, using wisdom and ancient practices.

Course Outline:


  • Grounding

  • Guided Meditation – Meet your spirit guides

  • Opening up the “channel”

  • Finding your “knowing” – Q & A practice

  • Healing Light Circle

1 Hour ~ $40.00

Online Class:  1 Hour ~ $25.00

Benefits of Your Inner Guidance
Your Inner Guidance can:
  • Help you feel more Balanced
  • Create a Harmonious Life
  • Help your Life Flow easily
  • Bring about Clarity
  • Instil Peace and Serenity


"I would highly recommend Discover Your Inner Guidance.  It was the best guided meditation I have experienced!  Gisèle always brings me to a deeper state of consciousness, allowing me to feel and see more vividly.  I am exited to continue learning with her."

Lauren Syragakis - Burlington, Ontario