Journey to the Healing Lands of old and bring yourself back to Life!

Light Path Guided Meditation Series

Let yourself drift into another world. 


Would you like to access your inner being while on a journey? 

Explore a deeper connection to yourself while increasing your awareness, heightening your senses and feeling your surroundings.

Come and experience Meditational Voyages that will take you where your imagination reigns!  


Join me in "The Light Path" guided meditation series and find your way back to peace, serenity, balance and harmony!


  • Meet your Guides


Journey through an enchanted field and forest to the Sacred Mountain and meet your Guides.  Find out what messages they have for you!


  • The Crystal Cave of Creation

Journey through the dessert to the land of our Ancestors and experience your past, present and future through the "eyes" of The Crystal Cave of Creation.  See what today brings you!


  • The Healing Mountain


Journey back in time to an Island Village resplendent with a magnificent Temple, rejuvenating waters and the healing power of the Mountain.  Experience this unique pilgrimage for yourself!​

Benefits of Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation can:

  • Reduces Stress. 

  • Controls Anxiety 

  • Promotes Emotional Health

  • Enhances Self-Awareness. 


"I was suffering from inflammation of the stomach lining for 3 weeks and during the meditation, i had prayed and envisioned light healing me as she told me to. I was very shocked to discover that my pain had gone especially since I was experiencing constant pain. Her healing meditation is truly magical and she really does posses a true talent. I would recommend her meditations to anyone, especially for those who have trouble focusing and need healing in their life."

Sarah Bauer - Mississauga, Ontario