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Finding your way Home!

Finding your way home is an energetic metaphor for going back into your heart. The term, "Home is where the Heart is" can be a living truth if that is where yours resides.

We are All on the journey Home - back into the "Arms" of Creator as we find our way forward in the midst of crazy and evolving humanity!

Do you know what it is to Surrender? Are you willing to do so? Are you ready to take a Leap of Faith and just do it?

These are questions that have plagued me so many times and now I am realizing that it has nothing to do with being mindful, going within or following a strict self-disciplined regimen (Although these practices are genuinely important and helpful tools, they are not what is keeping me from Surrendering) it is for me completely an utterly letting go of all restrictions my ego self imposes and I allow! So, if I only allow the limitless possibilities to flow, is this my surrender to Higher Self in and allowing her to navigate my life?

My query has led me to the conclusion that the only way to Surrender, is to allow and let it happen - stop focusing on it and just BE with it and see what happens. I truly believe that it is a simple and natural thing to do; we've simply forgotten and are in the process of remembering!

I received another beautiful message from my guides on November 11th and wanted to share it with you.

"It is all here now - all around You! Can you FEEL it? There are many creations and these are being made manifest and coming into focus more and more...

Today's Portal of 11:11 is allowing you a glimpse into what is coming in the culmination of all consciousness on this beautiful planet called Earth!

You and all who have chosen this path are beginning to feel, see and become the light particles which unfold all living things and all of it is the love embodiment which you all reside in!

There are many layers in the multiverse and visibility is thinning now and you are taking more time to develop the gifts that recently have been bestowed upon you.

You are at the stage of evolution that is gifting you and all who choose to allow the invisible hand to offer the energetic shifts again and again as they were never before felt this intensely.

Your magnificence is unwrapping itself into the Gift that You Are - The Lights of God, Goddess, Creator, Source!

We love you!"

With Love and Gratitude,



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