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Using Discernment

Often we are faced with issues, challenges and obstacles that need our immediate attention and these can seem very heavy at times. Occasionally, we are faced with decisions that are truly difficult. Sometimes the answer we are seeking isn't always a "yes" or a "no". It can simply be, "wait". Nonetheless, they all do begin with a yes or no response.

Are your thoughts keeping you up at night? Is the mind playing the same "movie" over and over again? Do you ever mull over something "to death"? I'm sure this happens to you on occasion, right? When this happens, we are fulling the fire and giving the mind permission to confuse us and drive us "crazy."

Through personal experiences, I have found that when you wish to control the outcome, things get more difficult and at times, even darn right horrible! In any event, if it feels "icky" and it doesn't bring you good feelings or joy, chances are the answer to your question is NO. If you are still unclear, then leave the decision making until the next day or when you are in a different and more positive state of mind. Going within, into your heart centre will ultimately be the best place to receive a true answer.

Going within and asking the following questions can help find the answers one seeks:

  • How does this make me feel?

  • Does this make me feel good or bad?

  • Is this to my highest good?

  • In what way is this serving me?

By checking in with yourself this way, you empower yourself by taking back the control of discernment, ultimately making the best decision with a more centered approach.

Think about it. When you feel good or passionate about something, you never have to "decide" whether or not to do it. You just DO!

Just remember that what is "right" for you, is not necessarily right for someone else. We are all navigating on our own unique journey that is filled with specific lessons and experiences which will expand our consciousness. Sharing our knowledge and experience to help someone is good if they are willing participants to receiving your "help" and wisdom.

In Gratitude,



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