Heal from the
Inside Out!
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GG's Quantum Healing Skincare*
   H e a l  F r o m  T h e  I n s i d e  O u t !

For A Limited Time: Receive a Rose Quartz Pendant with Purchase
The Quartz is embedded in the Bars & Comes with the Pendant Cage (Chain not included)

* Available for Pick-Up Orders Only*

When you Heal, you do so from the Inside, Out!

Keeping this in mind, let's remember that our body's largest organ, our skin goes through a beating now and then; especially when it is releasing many toxins and blockages!

Therefore why not take care of it too?  


I've created two great products and put them together to promote healing and renewal for your skin's daily requirements.  These Body Bars complete all your body's needs with an infusion of Quantum Light Wave Healing Codes. 


They are all hand-milled in very small batches and as such may have imperfections.  They are made with Organic and Natural ingredients only.  The soaps take one week to set prior to packaging.

​Oatmeal Sandalwood Body Bars

Soap Ingredients

Organic plant base, organic oats and sandalwood essential oil.

Cocoa Frankincense Myrrh Body Bars

Soap Ingredients

Organic plant base, organic cacao butter and frankincense and myrrh essential oils.

Due ongoing hikes in shipping costs, I am only offering pick-up options for the time being.

* Available for Pick-Up Orders Only*