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"Being, is the Art of Standing in One's own Light!"

~ Neuriel ~

Sirian Diamond Light Code

Following in Earth's "footsteps", humanity is now undergoing its own Ascension process.  As Gaia evolves, so too do all her inhabitants!  As we shed the survival mentality of the ego, the part of ourselves that is left behind is the loving presence of our Authentic Selves.

Are you one of many who have chosen the path of Ascension?  In this Great Awakening, humanity has undergone a series of shifts and adjustments like never before on this plane of existence. It has ushered in much in terms of energetic downloads, upgrades and integration that at times feel very overwhelming!

Do you feel like everything is coming at you all at once but are powerless to confront it?  Are people behaving oddly around you and you feel trapped in a "drama"?  


The Sirian Diamond Light Code may be the answer.  This process is combined with Ascension Therapy which involves taking the clients highest vibrational frequency and rooting it into the physical body which "Ascends" or speeds up the healing process. 

The Session integrates high vibrational healing energies and frequencies that incorporate the Sirian Diamond Light Code.  These assist the light body by aligning it to the Light Grids of the Central Sun and Gaia's Heart bringing all "online"assisting in your Ascension process.


This beautiful Light Code was given in order to assist humanity to integrate the old and Create the New.

1 Hour (Please allow for 1.5 Hours) ~ $80 Investment

Benefits of The Sirian Activation
The Sirian Diamond Activation can:
  • Speed up the Healing Process
  • Eliminate Negative Emotions
  • Spiritual Ascension
  • Alignment of the Mind, Body, Spirit Complex