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Gisele Brun, Drug-free Migraine & Pain Therapy


The R.I.C.H Process Migraine & Pain Recovery Program

The R.I.C.H Process Ascension Detox Program

Organic Quantum Healing Seaweed Spa Therapy

My Approach

My expertise lies in helping people recover from migraine and pain-related issues, stress, as well as emotional / mental traumas by assisting them in activating their own healing power within so that they too can lead an enRICHed, healthy and joyful life!

I began my journey in energy healing as a result of my own experience with migraine headaches. It was following a two-month long migraine that I discovered my innate ability as an Intuitive Healer. I was then guided to study the Reiki modality of healing and became a practitioner in 1997 completing my Master designation in 2000.
I am the founder and creator of The RICH Process, a migraine and pain recovery program, The RICH Process, ascension and detox program, Intuitive Wellness, a therapy and coaching system incorporating release, renewal and rejuvenation philosophies and Quantum Light Waves, a transformational energy healing modality.  I also offer Guided Meditational Journeys.  

My own experience convinced me that the metaphysical approach to healing works in guiding us to our own healing power within. I am now over twenty years migraine-free.
I've always believed that we contribute to our own healing process and because each clients' needs are unique, the programs are tailored to fit the requirements of that individual.
My approach to healing has three main parts on which the Fundamental Principles are built.
  • Mind - Emotional / Mental
  • Body - Physical
  • Soul - Auric Body

These three parts are the foundation on which the RICH Process Principals are built.

Gisele Brun, RICH Process Migraine & Pain Recovery Program

The RICH Process Fundamental Principles

The R.I.C.H Process  
(Release, Integrate, Clear, Heal)

Process Overview:

  • Discovery Call - A 15 minute call where I explain the process and answer your questions.

  • Initial Appointment – An assessment to determine the approach and program that is best suited to your individual needs.

  • The Plan -  Creating the plan that will work best for you, your needs and goals.

  • Therapies – A combination of Reiki, Intuitive Wellness & Quantum Light Waves.

  • Tools & Education - Healing tools, techniques and education to aid in each individuals recovery.

​Working together to find your path to healing!

Gisele Brun, Drug-free Migraine & Pain Therapy

"Find your path to healing!"

My Approach

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