Quantum Light Waves
A Transformational Energy Healing Modality
Quantum Light Waves is an energy healing modality that uses light frequencies at a high level of universal consciousness to assist in the removal of blockages to shift, merge and balance all aspects of the self. It sends vibrational energy that “fills” the whole body with light and totally transforms the way we perceive healing! These light waves are transferred to the individual using co-creation, light color integration and energy mergence.
The R.I.C.H Process
A Migraine Recovery Program
I created this unique process to facilitate healing the migraines that plagued me for eleven years. I began my research in 1994 which led me along different avenues of Alternative Healthcare.  Then I discovered Meditation in Hypnosis which was instrumental to my recovery.  It was following this, that I incorporated my gift as an Intuitive Healer with Reiki and am now Migraine-free.
Intuitive Wellness 
Release, Renew & Rejuvenate
Working with the practitioner's inner guidance, this therapy helps awaken the clients ability to contribute to their own healing process. In this respect, the practitioner is able to assist in shifting mental / emotional patterns that the client has in relation to dis-ease. With the use of tools, meditation, relaxation, breathing techniques, a well balance diet and exercise, the client is able to have control over the outcome of their well-being.
Usui Shiki Ryoho
It is common knowledge that the universe is made up of energy and that it flows through all living things which correlates to our health and well-being.  This was known to indigenous peoples in many cultures since ancient times. The existence of this "life force energy" has been verified by scientific experiments, and medical doctors are considering the role it plays in the functioning of the immune system and the healing process.

My Approach

I've always believed that we contribute to our own healing process and because each clients' needs are unique, the programs are tailored to fit the requirements of that individual.
My approach to healing has three parts:
  • Mind - Emotional / Mental
  • Body - Physical
  • Soul - Auric Body
Each Program has a specific path to healing and are offered in 1, 3 & 6 month segments with the exception of the RICH Process that is offered in 3, 6, 9 & 12 month segments.
Quantum Healing Program
Program Overview:
  • Step 1 - Identifying underlying issues
  • Step 2 - Accessing the Root Cause(s)
  • Step 3 - Releasing the Blockage(s)

"The R.I.C.H Process”  
(Reiki, Intuitive Therapy, Counselling, Healing)
Process Overview:
  • Step 1 - Assessment – a questionnaire to determine the approach and program that is best suited to your individual needs.
  • Step 2 - Education – we will explain everything so that you understand the process.
  • Step 3 - Reiki – A therapy that is non-invasive and a gentle laying on of the hands.
  • Step 4 - Intuitive Therapy & Counselling - I work with my inner guidance to awaken your ability to contribute to your healing process.  The process may vary, depending on the individual.  
Intuitive Wellness Program
Program Overview:
  • Step 1 - Assessment – a questionnaire to determine the approach and program that is best suited to your specific needs.
  • Step 2 - Intuitive Therapy & Coaching - I work with my inner guidance to awaken your ability to contribute to your healing process.  The process may vary, depending on the individual.
  • Step 3 - Tools – Specific Tools are provided to assist in the healing process in creating a well balanced lifestyle.
Working one on one to ensure you find your path to healing!

"Find your path to healing!"


Success Stories

  • Quantum Light Waves.jpg

    Shelley L., Highland Falls, NY

    "Gisele guided me through a session via telephone, as I live in the US. Afterwards, I felt lighter and better physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually. The weight has been lifted and I no longer feel stuck. The very next day, a huge issue I had been obviously blocking, came to pass and my life is moving forward again toward more positive outcomes! Thank you Gisele for creating this wonderful healing modality! IT REALLY WORKS!!!"

  • Christine M., Mississauga, ON

    "I would greatly recommend Gisele to anyone who is suffering from migraines and is looking for a longterm drug free solution. The R.I.C.H. process has been life changing for me.  As a practitioner she is truly gifted and one of a kind. Thank you Gisele!"

  • Alexander K., Beamsville, ON

    "Suffering from back pain and some sport related issues, as well as stress, I went to Gisele for Reiki. Knowing her for several years, I can say she is really passionate about the healing effect of Reiki. It is such a nice experience to get some release from stress and pain. I would highly recommend Gisele as I consider her a model Reiki practitioner."

  • Marina Stewart, Burlington, ON

    I had such a wonderful experience of healing with the Quantum Light Waves with Gisele Brun, the vivid colours and deep levels of healing I received have really changed my life.  I am so much happier and lighter, the healing was so intense and cleared up so many layers that I have been stuck on.  My positive outlook going forward has been so fantastic.  I have such a calmness about me that had laid dormant for so long its a great feeling to be truly alive and vibrant. 

    Thank you!

  • Joanne W., Oakville ON

    "Reiki is a therapeutic way to release stress, tension (mental and physical) that comes with being a nurse.  It helped me to wind down and relax."

  • Lyalla K., Nominingue, QC

    "Wow!  What a wonderful experience!  The Quantum Light Waves healing that you performed has had a very positive outcome and I thank you from my heart.”

  • Michele E., Honesdale, PA

    "Gisele is a truly open channel, healer, teacher, and empath, who assists others in attaining their own healing process. She is a patient guide who's main concern is helping each person become healthier, happier and more self-actualized. Utilizing her gifts and your strengths, Gisele will contribute to your achievement of whatever purpose you have in mind, and teach you how to continue to learn, grow, and heal your own life on an on-going basis."

  • Jocelyn N., Milles-Iles, QC

    "I had tendinitis in my left wrist for 6 months and Gisele asked me if a wanted to have a session of quantum light waves to help me heal my pain.  The treatment lasted  a half an hour and since that time around 1 month later,  my pain is gone at 100% and my wrist is still doing well without anymore pain.  Thank's to one of my great friends Gisele​."

  • Sarah B., Mississauga, ON

    "I was suffering from inflammation of the stomach lining for 3 weeks and during the meditation, i had prayed and envisioned light healing me as she told me to. I was very shocked to discover that my pain had gone especially since I was experiencing constant pain. Her healing meditation is truly magical and she really does posses a true talent. I would recommend her meditations to anyone, especially for those who have trouble focusing and need healing in their life."

  • Sandy C., Burlington, ON

    “Thank you for a most memorable afternoon. I really enjoyed myself and I have been feeling really good ever since. I initially was tired after the session but once I got home, I was ready to take on the world. 

    Other than that, I have felt more energy and more focused. I also did not feel the usual pain from my Fibromyalgia symptoms. Even my lower back feels better. I think you are a miracle worker and I can't wait to experience another session. 

    Thank you for being the incredible you and helping people heal. What you have is a great gift. May God bless you always with this special gift!”

  • Monica K., Mississauga, ON

    "I have been feeling well and did experience seeing little glimpses of light from the corner of my eyes. I also felt rushes of energy for a few days after our group session. I also feel more energized than normal.


    Thank you for putting together the group healing session! I would most definitely join you again for future sessions"

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