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Gisele Brun & Omnia Radiation Balancer

Omnia Radiation Balancer*

Find out more on how the ORB creates harmony and balance between the microwave radiation fields of your devices and the energy field of the human body by clicking the link below. 

To save on your purchase, use the "STAYINBALANCE" coupon code.

*Note that the Canadian Government may or may not charge Customs Duty Tax on your purchase.

What People are Saying

Gisele Brun & Omnia Radiation Balancer Testimonial


I am so happy with this product. I am now sleeping better and find I am overall feeling balanced. I am using it on my phone and laptop smart tv and on my modem. Overall I feel so much better and noticed a huge difference almost immediately. Thank you for such a great product for better health.

Gisele Brun & Omnia Radiation Balancer Testimonial


I bought the 12 pack and I love it!  I feel a difference.  I feel more calm and balanced.  I see a difference in my family members as well.

Thank you Omnia for producing this amazing product that helps balance the radiation all around us. Thank you Gisele for introducing me to this amazing product. I so appreciate it!

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