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Gisele Brun, Intuitive Therapy
"The More Light You Let In,The More You Shine Out!"
Intuitive Wellness Therapist ~ Training, Part 1

Learn to connect to your heart and assist in awakening the healing process within. Intuitive Therapy enables in shifting mental / emotional patterns that the client has in relation to dis-ease.


In this Online class you will explore:​

  • Protection, Grounding & Clearing

  • Ancient Tree of Life Meditation

  • Intuitive Therapy Model Overview

  • Practicum 

Cost:  $177


Includes Intuitive Therapy Manual and Certificate

Duration:  Therapy Part 1 ~ Full Day (Saturday)

*Please register below*

Unlock the Intuitive Healer and Coach within!  

Intuitive Wellness Coach ~ Training, Part 2

In this Online class you will explore:


  • Intuitive Coaching Overview

  • Protection, Grounding & Clearing

  • GB Intuitive Coaching Model 

  • GB Intuitive Coaching Chart  & Instructions 

  • Practicum

*Limit of 4 Students / class to ensure enough individual and practice time.


Includes Intuitive Coaching Manual and Certificate

Duration:  Coaching Part 2 ~ Half Day (Sunday:  11am - 2:30pm)

*Registration will close 2 days prior to class start date*

Gisele Brun, Intuitive Coaching
"There is no Brighter Light than the one You
Shine When Your Heart is Open!"
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