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Gisele Brun, Quantum Light Waves Group Healing Sessions

Group Healing Sessions

Transform Your Life with Quantum Light Waves 

What is Quantum Light Waves and how does it work?


Quantum Light Waves is an energy healing modality that uses light colour frequencies to assist in the removal of blockages to shift, merge and balance all aspects of the self.


The practitioner sends vibrational energy that “fills” the whole body with light working directly with the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the being. This energy addresses the dis-ease caused by a disturbance in the energy flow. These light waves are transferred to the individual using guidance, light colour integration and energy mergence - totally transforming the way we perceive healing!

Escape & Rejuven8:  1 Hour ~ $35*

Spring & Summer Events take place Outdoors - Fall & Winter Events take place Online *

Benefits of Group Healing Sessions

with Quantum Light Waves


QLW Group Healing Sessions can:

  • Accelerate healing

  • Assist the body in removing blockages

  • Balance the flow of energy

  • Clear old beliefs, patterns and emotions

  • Release fear, trauma and grief


“Thank you for a most memorable afternoon. I really enjoyed myself and I have been feeling really good ever since. I initially was tired after the session but once I got home, I was ready to take on the world. 

Other than that, I have felt more energy and more focused. I also did not feel the usual pain from my Fibromyalgia symptoms. Even my lower back feels better. I think you are a miracle worker and I can't wait to experience another session. 

Thank you for being the incredible you and helping people heal. What you have is a great gift. May God bless you always with this special gift!”

Sandy Chavez - Burlington, Ontario

"I have been feeling well and did experience seeing little glimpses of light from the corner of my eyes.  I also felt rushes of of energy for a few days after our group session. I also feel more energized than normal. 

So thank you for putting together the group healing session!  I would most definitely join you again for future sessions.”

Monica Kapil - Mississauga, Ontario

QLW Testimonials

"I had a beautiful experience with the group healing session. I experienced the feeling of warmth coating over all the areas I focused on. It felt very soothing. Afterwards, I felt lighter and had more energy. It was an amazing feeling. Thank you Gisele,  you are truly gifted. .”

Christine Mendonça - Mississauga, Ontario

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