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Energy Update

Dear Soul Family,

These past few months have impacted us more energetically than at any other time in our history. The energies are coming at us from the stars, our sun, the central sun and inner earth to such a degree that we are "sandwiched" in the middle of it all!

These intense frequencies are showing up in the form of CME's (corona mass ejections), solar flares, eclipses, earth quakes, tsunamis, forest fires, and with them, all that is not serving us, is being pushed out to be healed. These natural occurrences, are bringing in an amazing amount of light which is being absorbed by all our bodies and the portions that have not been healed or attended to, will be challenged. The physical body is always the last to integrate these "light codes" and sometimes can cause discomfort in doing so. These can show themselves in chakra blockages, aches and pains, headaches, muscle twinges, migraines, sheer exhaustion and the same can be said of the extreme opposite! So whichever way your pendulum is swinging, be sure to get plenty of rest, exercise, nature time and keep hydrated.

Everything is healing and awakening right now, whether you are aware of this or not. Our planet, is undergoing tremendous changes and these are creating many things hard to see: chaos, horrifying events. Our Mother Earth is healing her past; so all must come to the surface to be cleansed and healed. We, as a humanity are going through a similar process albeit on a slightly smaller scale. Our healing comes with unhealed emotional and mental traumas, which cause dis-ease, creating blockages and illness. These are all rising up in the forms of stress, aggressive behaviour, sudden outbursts, crying for no reason, anger.... When something is unresolved, it blocks the flow of energy by creating an unseen "cap" in the energetic field's centres (chakras) and at some point when this blockage becomes saturated with negative energy, it can be felt as a "fist" or "pressure" or "lump' in a specific area (chakra) example: your stomach (solar plexus chakra). When attended to, it can be "removed" with ease, bringing back the balance needed for health to be restored.

The intensity of these frequencies will impact everything on the planet and will continue to do so at an unparalleled magnitude never before experienced for the rest of the year. How this will affect each one of us, will be determined by the amount of healing each individual is doing as well as the sensitivity each has to such things.

As with all things, everything is in polarity: yin and yang. When there's balance, all is well..... All is unfolding before us; the old paradigm is falling away thus showing us the face of chaos as our Mother Gaia, heals. All that is not in sync with Universal Law is being transmuted into Love. Keeping ourselves in our heart space is essential right now. Seeing things through a neutral lens is also important in order to navigate these energies with balance, peace and serenity.

It is time to "clean out" as much of our emotional and mental "closet" as possible, so that we can navigate these intense energetic times ahead with ease and peace.

With much Love and Gratitude,



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