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Everything is Connected

As proven by scientists in quantum physics, all life is connected. So if we are all connected, whey do we operate outside ourselves as separate? We are all sparks of the divine whole that are connected and as such have a a connection to mass consciousness. A good example would be to take two people - one who is of positive disposition and one who is of a negative disposition. The two are connected to the whole but have different energy vibrations by the choices they make. So why do we constantly go outside ourselves for validation or answers? Why do we compelled to compete? If we are all "one" (connected) why do so indeed?

A question to ask ourselves is, do you take responsibility for your actions, thoughts and deeds? Do you choose to live in the past or the present (the gift)? Do you choose blessings or hardships? Depending on your mindset, thoughts and actions, these will determine your experiences. What if you've held a positive outlook on your life and have been a true person of integrity, and in gratitude but things are still going wrong? It's happened and is happening to "good" people all the time. If you recall, we live in a multidimensional existence that have multiple outcomes (timelines) and because most of us have not healed the past including past-lives, these still linger in our auric field just waiting for us to release and integrate them into the whole - freeing us from those unseen negative energies, influences and forces that may be lingering around.....Not saying that this is alway the case, because it is only one possibility out of millions but this begs the question that not all is what is seems!

It's time to take back our power! Healing is much easier than most think....

An excerpt from someone I truly respect: "Consciousness, awareness, goes into a vibrational state, creating sound and sound creates light, which creates matter. Understanding this, one can open their human mind up to a new possibility of how all is connected." Peter Slattery. I find this amazing as this is how we create all things into being!

What are the energies bringing up for you? Many have reported feeling anger, frustration, sadness and other emotions for no reason at all! There is a reason which is simple: your body wants to release what is no longer service you or it from functioning at optimum. If this makes sense, take the time to feel your way through it and see what really lies beneath that emotions blockage; you may be surprised by what you find...

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With much Love and Gratitude,




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