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Pain's Lifespan

As someone who lived with pain knows, living with it and learning to heal it can be very difficult! The process I took felt very long as I was alone in my search for a way out. I didn't have a team to help me on that journey as it was part of something that I had to find out for myself.

We all have our journeys; wherever they take us. One thing I know is that the pain I suffered was my "Wake-up Call" to healing! When you're going through a process of elimination, we usually try a multitude of things and it can feel very discouraging. This was my experience and part of the process..... Many options were tried but my goal of recovery sometimes felt so far away! Many doctors kept telling me the same thing: you will never get rid of the migraines permanently! I was so tired of hearing the same negative mantra that I decided to make one up of my own up: I can because Im-Possible! I later realized that it was their training and belief that dictated those very words...

Pain's lifespan can be as long as you choose it to be depending on your dedication to its healing process! Everyone's journey is unique and therefore up to you when the time to heal is right - YOU are the only one that can decide that! When we are tired of being "sick & tired" we begin the process of deciding to take our power back - the power of healing that is and has always been within us!

Simple steps on the journey to healing: The Pain doesn't always show you the root cause of what created it.

  • Finding the Root Cause is paramount.

  • Releasing and Healing the root cause.

  • Reprogramming the mind from one thought pattern to another.

  • Making Lifestyle changes.

  • Living a Healthy, Peaceful and Joyous Life!

I know that anything is possible because of my own and others' experiences. If you or anyone you know needs help with their pain recovery, I am here to help.

Wishing you all much Love.

In gratitude,



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