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Benefits of Intuitive Wellness

Intuitive Wellness can:

  • Create a better understanding of self

  • Relieve stress

  • Relieve anxiety

  • Relieve depression

  • Create a more peaceful lifestyle

Intuitive Wellness

Release, Renew & Rejuvenate

Intuitive Wellness works with all four levels of healing; Emotional, Mental, Physical and Spiritual . It facilitates and enhances traditional medical treatment and can also assist one to have better insight of what causes dis-ease within.  

It can aid in speeding up the healing process, providing the client with a feeling of inner peace.  It is beneficial to all who desire to get in touch with that hidden part of the self.  Its focus is to create a better understanding of who we are within, how to help heal ourselves, leading to a stress-free lifestyle.

What is Intuitive Therapy?

Intuitive Therapy uses the therapists' inner guidance to awaken the clients ability to contribute to their own healing process. This enables the practitioner to assist in shifting mental / emotional patterns that the client has in relation to dis-ease.


What is Intuitive Coaching?


Intuitive Coaching works using the therapists' inner guidance, tools, meditation, relaxation, breathing techniques, a well balance diet and exercise to help the client contribute and have control over the outcome of their well-being.

The Intuitive Wellness Program is focussed on changing your lifestyle to incorporate a well balanced and healthy life.  It is unique in that it is tailored to your specific needs in order to bring about the desired outcome.  The program provides a therapy that is integrated with coaching and tools to assist you with your journey forward.



"Gisele is a truly open channel, healer, teacher, and empath, who assists others in attaining their own healing process. She is a patient guide who's main concern is helping each person become healthier, happier and more self-actualized. Utilizing her gifts and your strengths, Gisele will contribute to your achievement of whatever purpose you have in mind, and teach you how to continue to learn, grow, and heal your own life on an on-going basis."

Michele Echevarria - Honesdale, PA

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