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Solar Flame Activation.jpeg

During this intense period of energetic upgrades, we have the opportunity until June 10th to open our hearts and begin the long journey home to our divine and authentic selves.  These wonderful energies are coming in from the Central Sun happen once every 75,000 years!

This is a special time for us all to expand, integrate, recalibrate and initiate our bodies with the higher dimensional energies that can help us navigate this wonderful new existence that is being created.  Out of Chaos is borne Peace!

This FREE Meditation is about activating and aligning the Mind, Body complex to the Souls vibration so that they can merge and function in tandem.


During the session the energies will be working and merging both the Masculine and Feminine energies of the Mind and Body creating more Flow & Balance in your life while anchoring the 4th density into being.


This session will help those who wish assistance with their ascension journey to bring about more peace, awareness and balance.


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