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Gisele Brun, Drug-free Migraine & Pain Therapy

With the energies becoming stronger, it’s time to focus our attention on ourselves as complete beings.


We have been taught that we are separate unique individuals; that we cannot accomplish anything unless parts of the outside world intervene.  Although there is truth to this statement to some extent; it is missing a truth – we are not separate and never were and we do not need the outside world to accomplish our dreams.  What is required is courage and the unfathomable belief that we can!


In navigating the current energies, we are prompted to rise to the top by looking within us to find the middle; the balance with neutrality so that we can become our own masters of our universe.  When we remain in balance, everything flows.  When something blocks us, it’s an opportunity for us to “check in” and discover what created it. 


This year, the Lion’s Gate Portal is here to help us integrate much of what has been released in order to merge the whole in unity consciousness.  This simply means that we are now entering a time where peace can reign from our hearts with ease – shining it outward to complete the cycle.


To those with whom this resonates, I am offering a Live Lion’s Gate Integration Activation to assist you with this process. 


Will You join me on Monday August 8th at 7:30pm EST for this free event?


Looking forward to "seeing"  you there!

With much Love & Gratitude,


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