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June Energy Update

We would like to advise you that times of change are going to increase in many different ways of doing things. Some not so useful whereas, many will become the new normal.

Some of you have been suffering with emotions that no longer serve you. These emotions are showing you that it is time to step beyond your Ego Self and into you Heart. It is all for your growth to recognize this and choose to release and integrate them into the whole. The choice is yours.

You are all becoming more of yourselves now – more of your divine nature is coming out and you are remembering what that feels like. Bliss and Joy are your natural ways of being and Love is your divine state. Living in your Heart is always the ultimate goal and this can be achieved with your heart wide open and allowing joy to invade it! You will be surprised at how easily this can be done. Simply Choose it daily and it will become your new way of being after a short while.

The energies are getting much more intense as each of your months on Gaia pass; stretching you to the limits of the limitless potentials you have to choose from.

There are more loving hands in your entourage; the unseen world that love you and wish to help you along your journey – you have but to ask. We are always here – Love is the Key to your living a balanced and healthy life filled with all your Hearts Desire!

We are but a whisper away…..We Love you…

Channeled Message of Light - 06/15


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