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Living with Grace

Grace can be described as the elegance of movement. I call it a Blessing!

Many ancient health-conscious philosophies have been brought to us from the East which the West has only really just begun to truly embrace. More and more wellness centres are easily found where one can practice yoga and meditation. In recent years, Mindfulness became a trend to embody and integrate into daily practices.

  • Mindfulness can be described simply as a way to bring your mind into a quiet space. In it's simplest form, acknowledging your thoughts and knowing where they come from and then letting them go helps calm the mind and generate peace, serenity and clarity.

  • Heartful can be described as living from an open heart. In it's simplest form, learning to live your life with love by allowing your intuition to guide you and moving forward in life by using your discernment will provide more flow and balance.

  • Graceful can be described as allowing the flow of your heart's energy to promote health and boost your immune system. In it's simplest form, allowing wherever you are at the moment to be where you are meant to be. This will enable more focus.

Let's begin to embrace simple ways to help one another have the best life ever! By doing simple things, we can boost our health and immune system to embody it's own healing power within!

A question to leave you all with:

Are you aware of the Great Awakening taking place and if so, would you be interested in joining the conversation?

I look forward to hearing back from you - simply reply to this email.

Thank you.

With much Love and Gratitude,


Upcoming Events:

Friday April 16th @ 7:30 pm ~ Rejuven8 15 Minute Guided Meditation

Saturday April 17th @ 1pm ~ Discover Your Inner Healing Class

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