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Staying Balanced & Healthy in Difficult Times

In this new Energetic Age of Aquarius, we are in constant ebb and flow; where one moment you can feel like everything is just going according to plan and whoops, a wrench gets thrown in...In this Month of March and into April, we will be bombarded and impacted by much energy from the cosmos. These energies are coming in to expand our world and bodies with much light that are helping to activate the dormant parts of our DNA and boost our immune systems. Sometimes the result of these energies is extreme fatigue, dizziness, vertigo, body aches and pain, to name a few.

We are all faced with so many decisions and choices right now that we don't which end is up! It is our jobs to really take care of ourselves and in doing so, stay balanced and healthy. I know that it sometimes is easier said than done; especially if you have children and loved ones that you are taking care of. There's not always "time" for you and when there is, you are so exhausted that you just want to sleep. Well, if you can get that rest, then that is your answer!

Taking care of ourselves doesn't have to be complicated, just give yourself the love and advice you so freely give to everyone else! Sometimes we forget the simplest things are the best ones!

Here's a few tips from the Healing Path's Tools for Life, that may help you along the way.

With much Love and Gratitude,



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