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July Energy Update

Dear Friends,

As we leave the intense energies of June behind, we are left with the integration of all the mental/emotional traumas, negative feelings and thoughts which resurfaced for healing and release.

This emotional roller-coaster has been coming at us with an intensity never before felt! As such, it is an opportunity for us to acknowledge old patterns, ways of being, attitudes that no longer serve us and by understanding their purpose in our lives, we can release them.

In releasing them, you open yourself to expanding into more love. In doing so, you take time to merge into all that you are becoming.

The more you LOVE, the more YOU BEcome! All you must REmember, is THAT!

Breathe, just breathe...BE Grateful for who you are and know that you are dearly loved!

We are but a whisper away....

Channeled Message of Light 07/11


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