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May Energy Update ~

Dear Friends,

Are you feeling it yet? Is time speeding up for you? Are you seeing and feeling subtle changes in your body? Are you undergoing emotional outbursts that are out of character for you? Do things seem much louder than before? Are your feelings all over the map? These experiences are all part of the continuous flow of energy shifts to our planet and as they flow through Gaia, so too are we flooded with them! With Ascension occurring at a rapid pace, our world is restructuring itself and getting back to its original template one day at a time. When this occurs, it happens inside the earth, outside of it, in the sky and into the solar system. This panoply of energy surges that is caused by immense solar flares, solar and lunar eclipses as well as earthly weather catastrophes are all coming in now to "heal" or cleanse the old no longer serving humanity.

So intense are these energies, that we are caught off guard at times with the onslaught. Just because it's invisible, doesn't mean it's not there or that it doesn't exist. They affect all our bodies: Your spiritual body (soul, is first), your emotional and mental bodies come next, and your physical body is affected last. How the energies affect each of these bodies depends a great deal on your own evolutionary progress.

Are you ready for more intensity? It's going to continue to ramp up in potency and challenge even the bravest of us! These frequencies will push everything especially old patterns, habits and anything not serving you anymore. Anything part of your past that is still "pushing buttons" in your everyday life, will have to Go! The energies can be uplifting or very challenging; it's all up to you. You decide how to navigate your world. The best advice to ride these waves is to "FEEL" your way through them one at a time.

In conclusion, be prepared to Feel allot of different emotions; some amazing, some not so much. The only way to move forward is to live in the moment, let go of the past and allow life to guide you.

Treat everyone as you wish to be treated, be kind and considerate to one another and help each other is how we can make this world a better place - a New Earth filled with Love, Joy, Compassion, Unity and Peace!

For all you "sensitives" prepare the best way forward in protecting yourselves daily as many times as necessary as the energetic field is being constantly challenged with negative influences.

Download the Protective MP3's here:

In Gratitude,




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