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The R.I.C.H Process Ascension Detox Program™

 Release, Integrate, Clear & Heal ~ A Program for Lightworkers & all on the Ascension Path

What is the R.I.C.H Process Ascension Detox Program?

Utilizing the principles of the R.I.C.H Process, this program incorporates them into a detox program created for those in need of assistance and guidance during their path of Ascension.

Working with Intuitive Wellness, Ascension therapy and healing tools, we take a deep dive into healing the past, ancestry, lineage, past lives as well as integrating all aspects of self into the whole to assist you on the journey to mastery

Benefits of The R.I.C.H Process Ascension Detox Program


The R.I.C.H Process Detox:

  • Is Drug-Free

  • Focuses on the Root cause

  • Helps bring the dark areas into the light

  • Provides tools to create wellness

Ascension Detox Process Overview:

  • Discovery Call - A 15 minute conversation where I answer your questions.

  • Initial AppointmentAn assessment to discuss what is happening in your life to determine the best approach for you.

  • TherapiesIntuitive Wellness (Intuitive Therapy & Coaching)

  • Tools & Education - Mindfulness, Heartfulness, Breathwork, Shadow Work, Meditation

How does it work?


The RICH Process Ascension Detox Program works by using the fundamental principles as laid out below.

The RICH Process Fundamental Principles:

Gisele Brun, Drug-free Migraine & Pain Therapy
Gisele Brun, Drug-free Migraine & Pain Therapy

Mind, Body, Soul is the Foundational Basis for the RICH Process Principles, treating the individual as a whole, not just a body.

Using these three principles, each aspect has a specific healing component to address each "Bodies" (mind, body, soul) healing requirements and creates a harmony which operates in tandem to bring balance and health back to the individual.

Intuitive Therapy

Using Intuitive Therapy, we take a deep dive into the mind:  often accessing ancestry, lineage and past lives impacting our current one bringing in the shadow aspect(s) or negative lives into the forefront for release.I

Intuitive Coaching


Intuitive Coaching addresses the patterns, habits and routines which are having negative impacts in our lives and how to change them.

Ascension Therapy

With Ascension Therapy, the highest expression of an individual is brought down into each energy centre, integrating and anchoring it to bring about healing in its highest form.

Gisele Brun, Drug-free Migraine & Pain Therapy

Creating new habits and routines by including new dietary changes (should that be required) and mindfulness to bring about a healthy lifestyle.

4.  Tools

Tools incorporated into the program are Meditation, Mindfulness, Heartfulness, Breathing Techniques, Diet & Exercises with recommendations on certain Healing Products & Devices to assist during the recovery process.

This new program is designed to help people that are going through:

  • depression

  • anxiety

  • listless

  • overwhelm

  • "dark night of the soul"

  • dealing with negative energies / influences

  • not knowing how to protect yourself from unseen influences

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