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The New R.I.C.H Process Migraine & Pain Recovery Program™

Release, Integrate, Clear & Heal ~ for Migraine and Pain Sufferers

What is the R.I.C.H Process?

The RICH Process is a drug-free migraine and pain recovery program designed to assist individuals with their healing and recovery process.  The Program is tailored to each individual's needs; creating a customized plan to reach their goals.  Treatment does not have to take place in person as it is just as effective remotely.  Each Program incorporates self-healing tools and practices to enhance recovery.  

It is unlike any other process currently available, in that its focus is on treating the individual as a whole - mind, body and soul rather than concentrating on the individual's body and their symptoms. 

Benefits of The R.I.C.H Process


The R.I.C.H Process:

  • Is Drug-Free

  • Focuses on the Root cause

  • Facilitates & promotes healing

  • Reduces pain

  • Enhances recovery

Process Overview:

  • Discovery Call - A 15 minute call where I explain the process and answer your questions.

  • Initial AppointmentAn assessment to determine the approach and program that is best suited to your individual needs.

  • The PlanCreating the plan that will work best for you, your needs and goals.

  • TherapiesA combination of Reiki, Intuitive Wellness & Quantum Light Waves.

  • Tools & Education - Healing, coaching with techniques, a good diet and exercise plan.

How does it work?


The RICH Process works by using the fundamental principles as laid out below.

The RICH Process Fundamental Principles:

Gisele Brun, Drug-free Migraine & Pain Therapy
Gisele Brun, Drug-free Migraine & Pain Therapy

Mind, Body, Soul is the Foundational Basis for the RICH Process Principles, treating the whole individual by creating a customized plan tailored to their needs.

Using these three principles, each aspect has a specific healing component to address each "Bodies" (mind, body, soul) healing requirements and creates a harmony which operates in tandem to bring balance and health back to the individual.

Gisele Brun, Drug-free Migraine & Pain Therapy

All of these factors are building blocks to acknowledge that certain things can contribute / affect our health

  1.  Reiki


Reiki healing energy flows through the practitioner who acts as a channel. This energy fills the practitioner's body first and then flows out through the practitioner's hands into the individual who is receiving the healing.


Reiki speeds the healing process, and provides a source of restoring energy while one is ill, under medical treatment, or in recovery.

  2.  Intuitive Therapy & Coaching


Working with the therapist's inner guidance, this therapy helps to awaken the clients ability to contribute to their own healing process.


This enables the practitioner to assist in shifting mental / emotional patterns that the client has in relation to dis-ease.

  3.  Quantum Light Waves


Are vibrational healing energies that “fill” the whole body with light working directly with the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the individual.


This energy addresses the dis-ease caused by a disturbance in the energy flow. These light waves are transferred to the individual using guidance, light color integration and energy amalgamation.

Gisele Brun, Drug-free Migraine & Pain Therapy

Creating new habits and routines by including new dietary changes (should that be required) and mindfulness to bring about a healthy lifestyle.

4.  Tools

Tools incorporated into the program are Coaching, Meditation, Breathing Techniques, Diet & Exercises with recommendations on certain Healing Products & Devices to assist during the recovery process.

The R.I.C.H Process Program is a unique approach to migraine pain recovery and is offered in 1, 3 and 6 month increments to help individuals recover at their own pace within a realistic time-frame suited to their specific needs and goals. 

Programs that Incorporate Self Healing!  Start yours today!


"I suffered from regular migraines for 15 years and was determined to be free of them post-menopause. When I met Gisele online, I had a feeling she was the 'real deal'. I hesitated at first because of the cost of the R.I.C.H. process, but actually, in this world, you get what you pay for. I promise you, the process is worth every penny! Gisele is an absolute pro, and I immediately felt I was in a safe, competent and experienced pair of hands. I was blown away by the process, which is multi-layered - from coaching to unearthing and resolving root causes to healing on all levels. The R.I.C.H process is a practical set of steps which Gisele facilitates superbly. She holds the space not only through the sessions but in between as well. I felt able to reach out to Gisele with questions, feedback and the processing that happens between sessions. I'm now free of migraines, thank goodness! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Gisele. You've changed my life. I highly recommend this process to anyone who suffers from migraines and/or headaches."

Bridget Finklaire, Author, Spiritual Teacher and Therapist - Cape Town, South Africa


"I would greatly recommend Gisele to anyone who is suffering from migraines and is looking for a longterm drug free solution. The R.I.C.H. process has been life changing for me.  As a practitioner she is truly gifted and one of a kind. Thank you Gisele!"

Christine Mendonça - Mississauga, Ontario

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