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Ascension Therapy

Embody hightest potential

Benefits of Ascension Therapy:


Ascension Therapy can help you:

  • Speed up the healing process

  • Eliminate negative emotions

  • Spiritual ascension

  • Connect mind, body and soul

Help for Lightworkers & those on the Ascension Path

Following Earth's ascension in 2012, humanity is now undergoing its own.  As we shed the survival mentality of the ego, the part of ourselves that is left behind is the loving presence of our Authentic Selves.

Do you feel like everything is coming at you all at once but are powerless to confront it?  Are people behaving oddly around you and you feel trapped in a "drama"?  Ascension Therapy may be the answer. 


Ascension Therapy is a process that involves taking the clients highest vibrational frequency and rooting it into the physical body which "Ascends" or speeds up the healing process.

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