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Are you Heart-ful?

Dear Soul Family, In light of the intense energies coming in at this time, it is more important than ever to remain "Heart-ful" - keeping yourself centred in the love that is your heart. There is much on the horizon and in the unseen world that is bringing about many changes and for many of us, this can be very difficult. So many things are affecting us energetically with the solar flares, corona mass ejections, the energies from the moon as well as the earth's shifting, it's no wonder why many of us do not know which way is up! Humanity has been conditioned to not like change but the real truth of the matter is that everything is in constant change; that is the normal rhythm of things. There is so much going on that all the dormant traumas and issues are now coming up and playing themselves out. This will bring up much for all to deal with, some which will be very painful and some which will just wiz by. In this energetic time bomb, if you are feeling constricted, restricted, anger, frustration, this can be an indicator that there is work to do. If things are showing up for you that are repetitive patterns, behaviours or negative habits that keep you from your own empowerment, it may be time to seek help with the healing process.

The current energies are saying to us that it is time to take responsibility and ownership for all in our lives, not only to know it but to truly feel it in all your being. We are all filled with knowledge, but until that knowledge is put into practice, it fall short of being helpful to us. Let's take this opportunity to become the best version of us possible so that we can navigate these times with ease and grace.

The next few months the energies will be even stronger than they are now, and for those of you that are sensitive, you will be feeling this very strongly in a variety of ways which will bring up any unresolved issues, traumas or emotional baggage. For those that are not so sensitive, you will still be affected but in more subtle ways with the same things coming at you too. Hang on to your hat, because it's going to be a bumpy ride! By doing the work, practicing being in your heart, keeping peace and neutrality the focal point of your life and not allowing the outside world to dictate to it, then you will come through a very transitionary energetic period.

Staying positive and at peace as much as possible will propel us into the best version of ourselves and this will help the collective consciousness bring about the same vision to our world. With much Love and Gratitude, Gisèle


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