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Energy Update ~ Channeled Message

"I would like to say that you are undergoing a transformative and energetic shift in that your body is being upgraded with more light thus expelling the carbon that is holding down the old paradigm. All this carbon is being released in the way of emotional charges that are being let go with the choice of each being. These choices are what is being felt by the collective consciousness of humanity; especially those who are sensitive to the energetic fields.

All is happening at a rate that is very fast to some and very slow to others. These things vary as per the perception of each individual. I would like to say that you are becoming "more". I would like to remind you that there are many unfolding events which are pushing these feelings to the surface of your consciousness that will be calling for release. These are shown and felt in many ways: Earth protests, meditation gatherings which are assisting in bringing closure to so much turmoil.

It is imperative that all go within and connect to God, Goddess, All That Is, your heart centre and in so doing empower themselves and the whole.

We are One you and I, and you must remember that. Dear Ones, we are the ones we have been waiting for and as such are the ones to bring the new era of peace on this beautiful orb of Love!

Let's stand together now!"

In Love & Light,

N 💗

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27. 10. 2023

Thank you Beautiful Soul!

To se mi líbí
Gisele Brun
Gisele Brun
27. 10. 2023
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You are so welcome! 💗

To se mi líbí
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