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February 2021 Creating Opportunities out of Chaos

Wow! Where has the last 10 months gone?

I know that I speak for most of us in saying that it's been a little challenging, to say the least.

But in all challenges lies a gift! Have you figured it out yet? If you can, then you can surpass amazing hurdles and even create amazing things!

Despite all the negativity surrounding us at this time, what have you done for yourself or those you love to show that you and they are important lately? It's easy to forget yourself in this chaotic place we call home. This World and those who reside upon it are in constant change and as such why not take a chance and create the world you want to live in by starting with yours? By changing what you can in your own world, you will help to bring about harmony, peace and serenity back into your life - every bit helps :)

"All is not what it seems" has been a saying that many grew up with; but do you truly know what it means and it's implications? There is much happening in the "unseen" world to help us get through all that is happening on planet Earth but the greatest challenge is that we must choose to help ourselves. It is time now to look at both sides of all that is going on, not just one. Things are never just black and white; there is much gray.

If you get caught up in a "drama" with someone, take the "Mirror" approach to resolving it before it gets too heated. Pretend you are looking in the mirror and you see your self. What advice would you give to him or her about this type of situation? Ask yourself why this "issue" is affecting you? What are you holding on to?

Things have created a "great divide" in all areas of our lives; family, friends, neighbours....and it is painful to watch. However it is very very apparent. What we need to remember, is that no matter what colour, shape, religion, education, or how much money you have, we are all part of the biggest family ever - HUmanity.

This big Family has no agenda, no judgement, no religion, no race or creed, all it has is the Truth!

Let's bring back the Biggest Truth of All!

Let's remember to LOVE!

With Love & Gratitude,



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