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Shadow Work

The energies are ramping up and so too is everything else! If you can't feel it, you can see it all around you in everything that is transpiring. Be aware that events will continue to unfold towards a remembrance for all to see. Those of you who are sensitive will feel the energies as they keep bombarding us to either acknowledge what is no longer working or just keep up with the status quo.

These energies provide the opportunity for each of us to do our "Shadow Work" - a deep dive into the realm of etheric fields, past lives, akashic records and all lower energies / blockages that are still stuck within the lower chakras to be released, healed and integrated. This "deep dive" is not something exclusive to people who understand them, but rather anyone who is experiencing very harsh emotional / mental traumas, heaviness and any other negative feeling coming at you that you can't seem to "shake off". This is happening world-wide and everything we thought we knew that is no longer working for us needs a change and sometimes it's a leap of faith!

A way to determine this, is to feel your way into your body and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Where is your breath going when you exhale?

  • What Chakra is associated with that area?

  • Are you feeling like someone is piggy-backing on you?

Once you have the answers, you can begin the release, healing and integration process. When it is complete you will feel lighter and much more aligned to your authentic self; bringing you balance, clarity and peace.

The World as we know it has changed much over the last year and a half and is going to continue to do so until we all understand that working together towards acceptance, compassion and love governs all!


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