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The Great Awakening

Many have spoken on this subject but do you know what it is?

The great awakening is happening to all living things on Mother Earth and in our Solar System as well.

It is embracing our true divine nature by allowing ourselves to evolve our consciousness into more heart centred-ness thus raising our frequency and embodying all that surrounds us as being a part of the whole - Oneness! Nothing is apart from us; it just seems that way to the naked eye but to science, all has been proven decades ago.

The old adage "Ask and you shall receive, Believe it and it is yours, Seek the Truth and it shall set you Free" has real implications to our lives - more than is realized consciously...

  • Have a Thought; then Visualize it,

  • Feel it as if it's already there = Manifested

  • Research both sides of things presented using your Discernment to find your Truth and what resonates with you.

Remember that the Truth shall Always be in the Eye of the beholder! We all have our perception of everything we see, hear, feel and touch....and that is completely unique to us.

It's time to be accepting and compassionate to each other regardless of what is presented before you.

With much Love and Gratitude,



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