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The Truth & Nothing But!

Although there exists a Universal Truth, our perceptions dictate our beliefs as well as our values. So on that note, it is safe to say that we all carry differing beliefs even though they might be similar to one another.

Going back to the time of Atlantis, we know that they were a very advanced civilization filled with knowledge and technologies that we are just getting glimpses of now! Not only did they communicate verbally, they were also masters of telepathy. Can you imagine? What could we as a human collective achieve should we be telepathically linked? In truth, with today' chaos, it could be devastating to say the least or could it? Again, it's a matter of perception.

Although our world has not quite caught up to Atlantis', many major corporations have embraced the value of "Transparency". This can translate to being clear on their specific products, business ethics, core beliefs; etc but what if you chose to embrace transparency in your life? What would that look like to you? For me personally, it means being real, honest and authentic in my daily life. So, how does one navigate life being truthful and honest? Very mindfully! Paying attention to our thoughts and words, can create a seamless transition into our own authenticity and can bring us closer to our hearts.

So, what if we all told the truth no matter what? What would our world look like? Now, remember that we would not be in the same paradigm that we are currently in..... we would be more transparent, authentic and genuine - there would be no room for lies... I know that it is truly difficult to imagine because we only know what we know; but do you not think that it would be much easier to discern, navigate and flow in your life? Sure, we understand that everyone has their own truth, however if we are truly honest with ourselves, why can we not be truthful with all whom we connect with? The ultimate test is that when you are thinking, take note where it's coming from: is the thought positive or negative in nature? If it's positive, it comes from the Heart. If it's negative, it comes from the Ego self. Noticing this helps us navigate our own world and how we choose to live in it. If I find myself asking the question: How can I verbalize what is in my heart without being disrespectful and hurtful? I usually choose to say nothing, as it doesn't serve anyone.. My great-grandmother had a saying: "The least said, the soonest mended." how true! However, depending in whose company you are keeping, you may have that foundation that the "Truth and nothing but" is the way of that relationship.

There's enough tragedy in this world, without adding more to it. If we all do our part by being kind, honest and truthful, it will go a long way in propelling Humanity forward getting us just a little bit closer to what it was like in Atlantis...

Let's create an amazing World together!

With much Love and Gratitude,




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