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What are your choices telling you?

Dear Soul Family, Understanding what comes up for us in terms of issues, events, situations is not easy, but it helps us make sense of it.

"Choosing" is one of the most important factors in anything we do, as every second of everyday, we make choices even though we don't think we are and how it plays out is anyones guess. Every choice brings with it circumstances and responsibilities. Those circumstances are just something created to enable us to become "More" of ourselves.

Often, we go through scenarios or dramas as participants not realizing that all are playing a part in the play of life in assisting us to expand into our greatness! To say that this is easy, is an understatement. It takes enormous amounts of courage to face all our fears, trials and tribulations.

What if I told you that you've done it all before but you just Forgot? Does it help? No, of course not! But slowly through experience, we remember little bits at a time. All those "Ah ha" moments, déjà vues and inner knowings are prompts to assist you on your journey.

We've been told that God would never give you anything you can't handle, right? What do you think?

We have so many questions but most often we do not listen when we receive the answer because it doesn't fit in with our perception of the truth. We must remember that our truths are based on the beliefs that we hold as our own, rather than allowing an open mind to add to our knowledge.

Humanity has been living in an "outside world" believing that everything is outside itself. Why? We were not taught to think for ourselves; we were taught to live in an instant gratification society where only the right clothes, shoes, hairstyle, car, house or thing will bring you success, wealth and love.

The real truth is that have forgotten that all starts "inside" in the Heart and that when the mind is calm, so to is the rest of your life!

When will you stop and choose YOU?

When will you decide that ENOUGH is ENOUGH?

When will you decide that YOU MATTER?

LOVE is the ULTIMATE and ONLY TRUTH there is!!! It's time to RISE to the occasion and take back what you've given away freely. Take back your power!

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REGISTER HERE With much Love and Gratitude, Gisèle


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