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What's Your Colour Vibration?

Which Colour would you pick? Which one speaks to you? Which one are you drawn to?

Everything in the Universe has it's own vibration and frequency so too do all colours. And they have energetic vibrational meanings as well...

Energetic Colour Meaning

RED - Grounding Have your protected, grounded and cleared today?

You may be in need of Grounding or Anchoring your feet firmly and "rooting" yourself to Gaia. When was the last time you walked barefoot? Walked in the nature of a forest? Perhaps communing with Nature is in order...

ORANGE - Creativity What have you Created lately? You could be about to give birth to an new idea, artwork, way of being, business endeavour.... Have you found your Passion? What is it that you LOVE to do? What is your GIFT to the world? Perhaps you forgot? Perhaps you need to explore anew?

YELLOW - Flow Do you feel Calm or Antsy? If the latter, then perhaps you are not in sync with your own energy flow....When everything flows, there's is no need to rush for anything as all falls into place in the appropriate time. If you feel like nothing is going your way, then you may have to stop and recharge or simply BE...

GREEN - Self Love Have you given your all? Do you feel like you Give all the time but have None left for YOU? Feeling exhausted? Self Love may be required! Give to Yourself what you so freely give to others!

PINK - Acceptance Are you in search of approval? Do you need approval? Or do you follow your own guidance? Are you accepting of yourself? Often we go outside ourselves for the things we feel we need, but ultimately, we are the only ones who can give them! Everything starts with you.... Give yourself the approval you need!

TURQUOISE - Communication When was the last time you had a meaningful conversation? How did it feel? Did you feel good? Or perhaps you haven't because of time constraints or just used to text instead? The Human being needs to connect and when it is out of sync with itself, it can feel isolated..... Perhaps you need to reach out to someone with whom you haven't spoken to in a while.....

PURPLE - Grace Grace is often overlooked as it is a state of Being in touch with your Divine Self; the self that is always at peace, serene and in harmony with all! Have you been out of touch? Perhaps you need to re-connect with the God / Godess within? Find the Grace of YOU!

VIOLET - Connection Are one to go outside yourself for answers? Do you seek guidance elsewhere? Have you been ignoring your inner promptings or your gut feelings? Perhaps it is time to re-evaluate. Perhaps you simply need to go within and seek your answers there.....

WHITE - Alignment Are you in alignment with you? do you feel dis-connected? Living inside two separate worlds? Feeling alone? Confused? Pehaps it is time to look in the mirror again.... Things are never what they seem but they are easier to navigate when being true to your values and self. Step out of what the world wants you to be and BE the person you ARE!

I hope this was informative and helpful to you on your journey ahead!

With Love and Gratitude,



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