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Which World do You Live In?

Dear Soul Family,

It was brought to my attention recently that we are not the sum of our physical parts. We are forever and always pure energy! As such, the vessel (physical body) we inhabit is just a "suit" that is borrowed for this life's experience.

This beautiful Soul of which is infinite, comes here to discover who it is through the eyes of Creator! And through this wondrous instance, we are transported into worlds of different energies (programs) already created for us to participate in!

This wonderful world of Gaia we chose to incarnate on is filled with millennia of creations already in place for us to experience ourselves. Everything one can imagine and more!

I've been reminded that physics shows us how our world(s) are constructed with pure energy; bringing in all the layers of every being's creations that has graced the planet at one time or another. This thought provoked yet another as I pondered this enormous "aha" moment. Everything is a program and not all are created with positive intentions.

We enter our vessels and are born into a family who has certain beliefs, values, dramas, etc.... All these are program constructs for our learning and evolutionary experience. As we grow and evolve, many of these programs will fall away as they no longer hold the same value(s)...We begin to identify what is right for us, no longer requiring our parents values or beliefs. We each carry our own programs; some of which are not very productive or very positive but necessary nonetheless as they help us shape the future path of our evolving consciousness.

The programs that are no longer serving us can be deemed, "old stuff, patterns, attitudes, outdated perceptions or beliefs.....One program that made itself aware to me a little while ago is the one called Aging. I know what you're thinking but bear with me. We are a Soul that is Forever, the vessel we inhabit has time constraints yes, but if honoured and taken proper care of need not show it's age. It's never too late to really take care of oneself :)

One of the biggest programs is TV! There is much subliminal information in the background of every show and advert. Yes, indeed. Many people have mentioned to me that they watch the news all day but when I ask them how it makes them feel, they say it makes them feel sad, angry and frustrated... So with that said: If what you are watching doesn't make you happy or feel good, why are you watching it?

What program are you currently stuck in? Take note for yourself in that if something doesn't feel good then stop doing it or find a way to change it. Do something that makes you soar, feel blissful and at peace!

It's time for some Soul searching; going within where all is revealed time and time again....When was the last time you went within?

With much Love & Gratitude,



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