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A Work in Progress

All these years, I never thought that I'd realize that everything we live is the most beautiful illusion creator built. In so doing, Source gets to experience itself over and over again through us. What has been brought to light has definitely removed many dark spots from my life. What is left is a whole other ball game of unanswered questions. Since this is the illusion and within is the "Truth of Self" so to speak, why then have we allowed it to take us further and further down the rabbit hole?

It has been said that we "fell" into 3D in order Experience and Learn in order to remember who we really are! Wow, so simple and yet kind of confusing. However, since it is so, how does one get back into Mastery and stay outside of the matrix?

We are all given the same gifts from the start but its how we are taught and brought up that begins the journey that shapes our lives. In truth, we are all just sums of the parts that make up the tapestry of Creator. Creator weaves, expresses and experiences itself over and over. Everything must remain in balance, yet when in imbalance, it is determined and re-evaluated.

How we perceive life, is everything! What and how your eyes "see" is where your consciousness is at. The more you embrace learning and expressing from within, the more it is shown and seen on the outside.

Many a day I have sat and asked these same questions and when the answers come, they are truly simple yet complex. There is always a Yin and Yang in all things!

How does one keep in the flow of Love? How does one leave the old behind permanently?

The answer I was given: "By just Being and Allowing all to Flow. Feel your way through all of your Life's experiences!"

With much Love and Gratitude,



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