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How to Recover from Pain

When we are going through pain, all we want is for it to stop and stop fast! We want the fastest way to be rid of it, whatever the cost. What we fail to remember is that most often the cost is us! With the band-aid solutions, we are only covering up and adding fuel to the fire, so to speak. The side-effects alone can just add more of the very thing you are trying to be rid of! These do not always show themselves right away; they can linger in our bodies for years before making an appearance. For me, the easy way out brought more issues and a longer recovery process. It was truly a journey of self discovery which brought about much clarity in that I learned that not everything is what it seems; it's not all black or white - there's allot of "gray" areas that need exploring in order to come out the other side.

The last thought we have, is how did we get there to begin with? Sometimes, the root cause is easy and sometimes it is not. So, how to we take up the mantle and recover? There is no easy answer. The answer I found while on my journey to recovery, was a real eye opener and one that was not so easy to digest.

  1. You must be a willing participant in your recovery

  2. Show up and stay the course, don't quit yourself

  3. Allow yourself time to do the work

The three main things that kept coming back to me during my trials with migraines:

  1. Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

  2. How far are you willing to go to recover?

  3. Do you want to recover?

When I chose to be honest with myself and decided that the life I was leading was not a life, that I was simply existing, I summoned all my remaining strength to find a way out of the pain. The way became the R.I.C.H Process. It enriched my life in living my best version and you can too!

Pain doesn't have to rule your life! I and many others know this to be true! Join the many and live the best version of you!

I am Hosting a FREE Virtual Workshop November 24th - 7 - 8:30pm EST.


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