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Energies Ramp Up

Dear Soul Family,

As the energies ramp up even more and continue to bombard our beloved planet, we are given the opportunity to release any and all remnants of the old paradigm that is still lingering.

These energies are so powerful that one can even hear them! This "noise or sound" is a constant that can fade into the background when one's is focussed on other things. The sound of the Universe can be heard in the silence - if you pay attention. It is the sound behind the silence; a faint hum. When our planet is wrought with bombardments such as solar flares and eclipses, they push all energies to the surface for review and release. These can be so intense that the sound frequency is off the charts - literally! As such, this "sound" can get much louder and even hurt the ears. When this happens, it can mean that your guides are trying to get your attention; especially if you are hearing the sound really loudly in your right ear. If this is so, you can always ask them to back away slightly and this may help. For those of you that are sensitive, you will hear it.

One way to find out more is to check out the Shuman Resonance. By learning more, you can help yourself navigate these tides a little easier. For those who cannot hear them, you can still feel their vibrations as well as the effects they have on your physical body.

Wishing you and yours Health, Love & Prosperity!

With much Love & Gratitude,


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