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How Pets Absorb Our Energy.

It has been said that "Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics."

Proven in science, it begs the question of how this applies to everything in our lives.

If we take this to the microcosm of our lives, we can establish a pattern that is in all living things. This pattern is unseen to the naked eye but surrounds all life, here and in the cosmos! This "energy field" called "Torus" oscillates around all things whether we deem them "alive" or not. All of these fields intersect, thus the saying: "We are all connected, we are One". Our thoughts, actions and processes affect this energy field every minute of every day. So how we treat ourselves, others and our environment impacts and affects all around us. We were told that for every action there's an equal reaction, but we were not taught how it affects us and the whole.

We impact our lives in more ways than we realize just by our thoughts alone. These thoughts are projected through our voice (which carries it's own frequency/sound) and with that, depending on the tone and intention, will determine whether the energy field expands or contracts. An example of how frequency/sound works is the test with the metal plates and the sand. When the sound is at a certain frequency (Hertz), the sand and sound creates beautiful patterns. When the sound and tone is changed to a lower vibration, the sand creates a more chaotic type of pattern. What this tells us is that when we use love regularly in our thoughts (mindfulness), processes and action, we can create a more harmonious environment for ourselves, our families and our pets.

Because all is connected and linked, we need to remember that our pets are "wide open" in that they are pure and unconditional love incarnate. We are here to learn and remember that. They are some of our greatest teachers! With this in mind, when we are in our shadow selves, the negative self that needs more love, we lash out, react, sometimes in anger, frustration and the tone of our voice projects negative energies that enter our pet's bodies thus creating blockages in their physical bodies which in turn can lead to dis-ease. I went through a similar experience with Levi (photo above) several years ago in that I was going through a very rough period and in that process didn't realize the damage I was doing to him. The result was quite traumatic in that he almost died. I was lucky as I was able to save him with energy healing. This also helped me to take a deep dive into myself and work on my own inner healing. There are more layers to healing than we can possibly imagine. There are past lives, our ancestry and of course this life too. In this life, we need to look at the child we once were as it holds many keys and we need to bring that child back into our hearts with love. We also carry the guilt towards ourselves and others from our past. These "layers" need to be forgiven in order for us to move forward. Forgiving ourselves and others, plays a major role in our healing process.

The results in looking at ourselves with Truth and baring it all for you to see and feel, can be truly painful but the outcome is so worth it! It's hard to look at something that has caused us pain but what is worse is to hang onto to something that doesn't serve us which keeps us in the past. Having faith is the ultimate test of endurance and each time you jump a hurdle, they get smaller and smaller and eventually, the road becomes smoother and easier to navigate.

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Wishing you and yours abundance, prosperity, health and wellbeing!

With much love and gratitude,




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