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Spring is in the Air...

Dear Soul Family,

With the amplification of the frequencies, I can honestly say that it's been quite a ride of late! Can you feel it? Can you hear it? Everything is ramping up in more ways than you can possibly imagine!

If you've been feeling tired, heavy, headaches, migraines, aches & pains, tingling sensations, dizziness or the exact opposite, prepare for more intensity with the upcoming eclipse. This will usher in more for us to integrate as we continue on our journey. This unfolding of the layers upon which our lives are based is in a flux and as such much will come to light in the coming weeks. Prepare yourselves as much as possible in that these energies will impact our growth and stretch our boundaries to new heights.

It's time to embrace the changes that are all around us and let go of the old paradigm. All that is no longer serving humanity is being dissolved and a recreation is occurring on a massive scale. This is an opportunity for each of us to take the time to go within and peel away all the old layers of emotional / mental trauma, painful childhood memories and anything that is now coming to light to be healed. Things that keep showing their "face" are those very things that are demanding your attention. Are you listening? Are you taking the time for you? Are you resisting what is being shown to you? Ask yourself these questions and if you allow it, you will receive your answer.

Spring is in the air! Gaia is slowly waking from her winter slumber to welcome us all into her heart.

Wishing all who celebrate Easter, a very Happy one filled with Love, Joy and Fun!

With much Love and Gratitude,



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