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The Intense Energies of 2022!

What we are currently undergoing is something that has never before happened on this planet! We are all Ascending; meaning that we are all evolving our consciousness into another paradigm (the one called 5D) This is all being done energetically and is very intense in that it involves many different energies being "broadcast" if you will and sent to you from above; this includes other planets, dimensions, galaxies, the central sun simultaneously pushing in and on the earth and who inhabit it.

It is so intense, that it can feel like a huge pressure pushing and pressing down on you! Whether you feel this or not, it is happening at an unparalleled rate of intensity. (You can confirm this by checking the Schumann Resonance charts from Dec 21 - Jan 11)

As these energies press down on you (and the world) it pushes up all "old" that no longer holds that energy's vibration.

Imagine your body as a strainer; the energies are coming through the top of your head and are being pushed downwards.... So as these energies are pushing down into you, they are pushing out all the "old" energies that are no longer serving you - and this may result in the following ascension symptoms: Extreme exhaustion, aches & pain, headaches, migraines, flu, to name a few.

Note that this is happening on a global scale and is creating mass healing! This mass healing is required for the next phase of the evolution of humanity and as such, the more you heal and release negative energies, influences, forces and blockages including your lineage, ancestry and past lives, you will push your self forward and begin to create a new YouNiverse!

So right now, be as gentle and loving to yourself as you can - rest, go out in nature, meditate, do yoga however you can nurture yourself! It's very important to protect ourselves at this time as many people are being impacted by negative energies and it is truly taking a toll on the physical body's wellbeing. Download the Free PDF's Here

Should you need help releasing and assimilating these energies, Quantum Healing is an excellent way to do so. Book a Session Here

With much Love and Gratitude,



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